Are You Green Inside and Out?

two hands holding up a sign that reads #IamGIAO!

Tell us how you pledge to be green! 

Each one of us makes a difference. 

There are many ways you can show that you pledge to live a green lifestyle.

#IamGIAO examples of smart actions:

I pledge to...

  • Choose personal care products that eliminate hormone-disrupting chemicals as ingredients.
  • Choose organic, and plant-based (non-meat/dairy) food whenever possible.
  • Choose NOT to use pesticides on my lawn or in my house.
  • Compost my food scraps. 
  • Reduce my use of plastic food containers and other plastics.
  • Choose less toxic, more eco-friendly cleaners - or make my own!
  • Seek out natural fabrics when clothing shopping and re-use clothing as much as possible.  
  • Save energy in my home.
  • Drive an efficient vehicle and use public transit.
  • Support legislation that protects our environment  
  • Spread the word! #IamGIAO
two hands holding two reusable cloth tote bags next to Prius hybrid electric car

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Tell us what YOU’RE doing to go green! 


Use the hashtag #IamGIAO!