Podcast Episodes

Kenny Rothwell,

Recycling Manager for Winters Bros

Hear from Kenny Rothwell, the Recycling Manager for Winters Bros. Waste Systems. He oversees the processing and marketing of recyclable materials at the company’s Brookhaven Materials Recovery Facility, which is the largest and newest processor of recyclables on Long Island.


Beth Fiteni,

Founder of Green Inside & Out

Beth has a Masters Degree in Environmental Law from Vermont Law School, as well as twenty years of experience working in the environmental movement for non-profit organizations in DC and NY. She has worked at Renewable Energy Long Island, Sustainability Institute at Molloy College, and Beyond Pesticides, through which she coordinated educational programs, energy policy work groups, and national conferences. She is the author of the book, "The Green Wardrobe Guide - Finding EcoChic Fashions that Look Great and Help Save the Planet."


Honey LaBronx,

The Vegan Drag Queen

Honey LaBronx stars in her own YouTube cooking series, The Vegan Drag Queen, and hosts the Big Fat Vegan Radio podcast. An LGBTQ rights activist, she is committed to bringing discussions about animal rights, intersectionality, and social justice to new audiences. In 2011, she was one of 8 activists arrested for blocking New York City traffic while demonstrating for marriage equality alongside her drag mother, Bob The Drag Queen. She has performed around the world raising funds for local animal sanctuaries, rescues, and activist organizations. Out of drag Honey –Ben Strothmann — is an actor, singer, playwright, and theatrical photographer, originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Alexandra McNair Quinn headshot

Alexandra McNair Quinn,

Fashion FWD

A globally recognized change agent in sustainable fashion, Alexandra is a leading voice in the international dialogue to turn fashion lovers into conscious consumers through education and action. To help shed light on the hidden epidemic of harmful chemicals in the clothing people wear, Alexandra founded Fashion FWD in 2018. A non-profit aligned with many of the principles outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Alexandra established Fashion FWD to serve as a trusted source of content that would help close the transparency gap that exists between consumers and fashion and apparel brands.

A frequent speaker on sustainable fashion topics, Alexandra previously served on the U.S. team of the UK’s former Secretary of State for the Environment and Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, Lord Deben. When not sharing ideas to move fashion forward in the boardrooms of leading brands around the world, Alexandra can be found educating students on the global business of fashion.

Mike Schade headshot

Mike Schade,

Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families

Mike Schade is the Mind the Store Campaign Director for Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families where he coordinates a national U.S. campaign challenging the nation’s leading retailers to transform the marketplace away from hazardous chemicals and towards safer alternatives. For the previous nine years, Mike was the Markets Campaign Coordinator with the Center for Health, Environment & Justice (CHEJ), a national environmental health organization where he led national campaigns to phase out PVC plastic, phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA) and dioxin in consumer products and packaging. Prior to CHEJ, he was the Director of the Buffalo office of Citizens’ Environmental Coalition (CEC), a NY statewide grassroots environmental health organization. Mike lives in Brooklyn, NY where he serves on the Newtown Creek Superfund Community Advisory Group (CAG), the Board of Directors of Neighbors Allied for Good Growth (NAG), and the Community Advisory Panel of the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund.


Portrait of smiling woman with sun hat in field of leafy green crops

Sr. Jeanne Clark, Homecoming Farm

Sr. Jeanne Clark, a Sister of St. Dominic from Amityville, NY, is the founder of Homecoming Farm, a community supported agricultural project (CSA) which helps humans to heal through the nurturance of soil and seed and producing vegetables without the use of chemicals. Homecoming offers programs for children and adults in understanding themselves as part of Earth and as intricately connected to the land they call home.

Sister Jeanne has been a teacher for over forty years, has been a campus minister, a pastoral associate in parishes and a long-time activist in both anti-nuclear, anti-war and environmental causes. She attributes her coming home to the land to the Salvadoran people whom she accompanied to El Salvador during the war there in the 1980’s.In  2005 Jeanne was awarded the Peacemaker of the Year award by Pax Christi Long Island.

Seth Leitman, The Green Living Guy

Seth Leitman, AKA the Green Living Guy, is an electric vehicles expert, prolific blogger and editor of The Green Guru Guides – a series of books offering the environmentally conscious consumer and hobbyist fun, do-it-yourself green living information. He is also the host of a new TV show on the Y networks. He has written for Answers.com, Yahoo, The Daily Green, Planet Green, Huffington Post, HGTV.com and Mother Earth News. He has been interviewed in the NYT to BBC. He has been host on TV for NYCMedia Earth Month segments. 

He runs the Drive Electric programs at Sustainable Westchester, where he does dealership training, and interacts with all the leading vehicle companies as well as electric bus manufacturers.

Headshot of Dr. Julia Brody, PhD

Julia Brody, PhD, Silent Spring Institute

Dr. Julia G. Brody is executive director and senior scientist at Silent Spring Institute. She is a nationally recognized expert on environmental chemicals and breast cancer, and a leader in community-based research and public engagement in science. Her current research focuses on reporting back to people who participate in environmental health studies to inform them of their own chemical exposures. Her interest in returning exposure results grew out of Silent Spring Institute’s Household Exposure Study, the first comprehensive assessment of exposure to endocrine disrupting compounds in homes. Results were the first to show that consumer products are a major source of people’s exposure to these chemicals.

Dr. Brody led a critical review of epidemiologic studies published in the past ten years on breast cancer and environmental pollutants. The study was a follow-up to a landmark state-of-the-science report she led, published in 2007 in the journal Cancer. The report included a review on animal mammary gland carcinogens, which provided a roadmap for studying these chemicals in humans. The report has been referenced hundreds of times and cited as foundational by the President’s Cancer Panel, the Institute of Medicine, and the federal interagency (IBCERCC) report on breast cancer and the environment.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognized Dr. Brody’s research with an Environmental Merit Award in 2000. In 2002, she presented one of the Distinguished Lectures at the National Cancer Institute and spoke at the 2009 President’s Cancer Panel where she highlighted the need to integrate biological evidence with human studies to prevent cancers. She has served on the National Advisory Environmental Health Sciences Council and is currently an advisor to the California Breast Cancer Research Program and breast cancer activist organizations. Dr. Brody is an adjunct assistant professor at the Brown University School of Medicine. She earned her PhD at the University of Texas at Austin and her AB at Harvard University. 

Jessica Schreiber, FABSCRAP

Jessica Schrieber is the Founder and Executive Director of FABSCRAP, a NY based textile recycling and reuse company. Prior to launching FABSCRAP, Jessica Schreiber worked for the New York City Department of Sanitation as a Senior Manager in the Bureau of Recycling and Sustainability. She helped launch and then managed NYC's e-waste and clothing recycling contracts, including re-fashioNYC, a residential clothing reuse program which recycled over 6 million pounds of clothing, and NYC's first ever curbside clothing collection pilot. She has an MA in Climate and Society from Columbia University.

John Potente, LI Natural Ecosystems Expert

John Potente spent his life on Long Island watching and studying nature. He graduated Stony Brook University and then Long Island University. He continued then, gaining his DMD at Washington University. Over the past 30 years, John was Editor of the Long Island Botanical Society, served on the Suffolk County Environmental Review Board, and wrote a reference book on the salt marshes of Long Island (Tidal Wetlands of Long Island, New York). His interest in the monarch butterfly blossomed on his 3 acre private refuge in Hauppauge. Recently, he has presented widely on Long Island his experiences and studies regarding this regal butterfly. 


Carolina Zuniga, Island Bee Project

Carolina Zuniga is a veteran of the fashion design industry turned environmentalist and beekeeper. She believes there is something healing about watching bees create magic and appreciating their hard work in pollinating up to 1 in 3 bites of the food we eat. They are the keyholders to our good health and finds more similarities to humans than we think and our connection with the world.


Stacey Vazquez, Island Bee Project

Stacey Vazquez hails from hospitality industry having worked at notable restaurants around NYC and truly connects with honeybees bees with their vigor and passion to benefit all beings. She is passionate to fight for their survival and educate everyone she meets about their crucial role in our everyday lives.

Their mission at Island Bee Project, located on Governors Island in NYC, is to inspire and educate everyone they meet about the importance of the honeybee's role in our ecosystem and in our lives. They believe that in giving bees a chance gives us all a chance.

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Omowale Adewale, Grassroots Artists MovEment (G.A.ME) & Black VegFest

Omowale (Omo-Wah-LAY) Adewale (A-DAY-Wah-LAY) is an Organizer with over 20 years of theoretical and practical application in enhancing egalitarian concepts and systems. He is the founder of Black VegFest and co-founder of Grassroots Artists MovEment (G.A.ME).

Omowale is also a 2-time kickboxing champion and boxing champion in New York, as well as a former MaRLI research scholar in the field of food justice. Wale is the author of “An Introduction to Veganism and Agricultural Globalism” (2015) which explains how anyone can intersect veganism at anytime. The book also explores western imperialism’s supranational and neo-colonialism’s approach to using GMO’s as weaponized food through Big Agra. This year, Omowale serves as the Editor of “Brotha Vegan” which discusses the struggles, triumphs and nuances of Black vegan men. 

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Mike Schade headshot

Mike Schade, Campaign Director, Mind the Store

Mike Schade is the Mind the Store Campaign Director for Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families where he coordinates a national U.S. campaign challenging the nation’s leading retailers to transform the marketplace away from hazardous chemicals and towards safer alternatives. For the previous nine years, Mike was the Markets Campaign Coordinator with the Center for Health, Environment & Justice (CHEJ), a national environmental health organization where he led national campaigns to phase out PVC plastic, phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA) and dioxin in consumer products and packaging. Prior to CHEJ, he was the Director of the Buffalo office of Citizens’ Environmental Coalition (CEC), a NY statewide grassroots environmental health organization. Mike lives in Brooklyn, NY where he serves on the Newtown Creek Superfund Community Advisory Group (CAG), the Board of Directors of Neighbors Allied for Good Growth (NAG), and the Community Advisory Panel of the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund.

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Rachel McCrystal, Executive Director, Woodstock Sanctuary

Rachel McCrystal has been at Woodstock Sanctuary for five years, first as the Development Director and as the Executive Director since 2017. She led the campaign to move the Sanctuary to its new location in 2015. Rachel has volunteered for and worked at various animal rights, conservation, and sheltering organizations over the last 15 years with a focus on development, marketing, campaigns, and strategic planning.  

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Stephanie Herron

Stephanie Herron, Environmental Justice Health Alliance

Stephanie is an Organizer for the Environmental Justice Health Alliance for Chemical Policy Reform (EJHA) where she works to support diverse movement towards safe chemicals and clean energy that leaves no community or worker behind. In this capacity she organizes direct engagement in industry reform strategies through grassroots organizations in frontline communities to promote environmental justice outcomes.

Jose Bravo

José Bravo, Environmental Justice Health Alliance & Just Transition Alliance

José, the Executive Director of the Just Transition Alliance, is a long-time leader on just transition, climate justice, and chemicals issues as they relate to environmental justice (EJ) communities and Labor (Organized and Unorganized). Born in México and brought to the U.S. as a child, José’s work in social justice issues is rooted in his upbringing in the Southern California avocado fields alongside both his parents. Since the 1990s, José has gained recognition as a national and international leader in the EJ movement. José has also worked on numerous campaigns in the U.S. and in México in his 30 years of organizing.

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Todd Larsen, Executive Co-Director, Green America

Todd Larsen directs Green America’s corporate responsibility and consumer engagement programs. Green America’s corporate responsibility programs educate consumers and investors about the environmental and social records of major companies and encourage them to take action to promote greater responsibility.

In addition, Green America provides tools and resources to companies to help consumers, businesses and investors improve their impacts on people and the planet. Green America’s campaigns succeeded in getting Hershey to address child labor in cocoa, Apple to reduce toxins in its factories, AT&T and Amazon.com to adopt renewable energy, 200 publishers to use recycled paper for their magazines, and over a dozen food companies to move to more sustainable food production.

Todd has over 20 years of experience in public education and corporate campaign work and has a master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

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Michelle Roos, Environmental Protection Network

Michelle Roos has served as the Executive Director of EPN since July 2018 and as Deputy Director for 7 months prior. She has over 20 years of experience in project management and environmental protection. She has directed high-level projects, organized conferences and work groups, and spearheaded major environmental initiatives.

Ms. Roos is also an EPA alum. At EPA she co-founded and co-managed the West Coast Collaborative – a public-private partnership that implements projects to reduce emissions from diesel engines along the West Coast, Alaska and the American Pacific Islands. She also led a national work group to better incorporate environmental justice into the federal environmental permitting process. 

After she left EPA in 2006, Ms. Roos worked as an independent environmental consultant for a variety of clients including E4 Strategic Solutions, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, and EcoMedia. Ms. Roos has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Duke University and a Master in Public Affairs from Princeton University.

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Will Tuttle, The World Peace Diet

Visionary educator Will Tuttle has presented widely throughout North America and worldwide. A 39-year vegan, he is the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book The World Peace Diet and is a recipient of the Courage of Conscience Award and the Empty Cages Prize.

He is also author of the recent book, Your Inner Islands: The Keys to Intuitive Living, as well as editor of Circles of Compassion: Essays Connecting Issues of Justice and the newly-released Buddhism and Veganism: Essays Connecting Spiritual Awakening and Animal Liberation.

Devoted to cultural healing and awakening, he is a former Zen monk and Dharma Master in the Zen tradition, and his Ph.D. degree from the University of California, Berkeley, focused on educating intuition and altruism in adults. He has taught college courses in creativity, humanities, religion, and philosophy, and is also a composer and concert pianist. He is noted for his clear and inspiring presentations, and is featured in many documentary films, including Cowspiracy; A Prayer for Compassion; Vegan: Everyday Stories; and HOPE: What You Eat Matters.

(Note from the team at GIAO: Mr. Tuttle's views are his own and this show is to spread awareness on veganism) 

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Olivier Pincon, Founder, ZappyRide

ZappyRide provides world-class, end-to-end, integrated experiences to EV consumers to increase EV adoption. They work with electric utilities, OEMs and advocacy groups to make that vision a reality. Over the past 10 years, Olivier’s work has focused on cleantech, renewable energy and electric mobility. Prior to ZappyRide, Olivier was a strategy consultant at PwC, working for clients in the energy and transportation sectors. He also held positions at Booz and Co., SunEdison, and China Greentech Initiative. Olivier holds a M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and a B.S. from Ecole Polytechnique, Paris.


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Brian McFarland, Senior VP,  CarbonFund.org

Brian McFarland is the Senior Vice President of Carbonfund.org Foundation’s Project Portfolio and the Senior Vice President of Project Origination at CarbonCo, the wholly owned subsidiary of Carbonfund.org.  He is a certified Project Management Professional by the Project Management Institute, former certified Greenhouse Gas Inventory Quantifier, and a Certified Sustainability Professional from the International Society of Sustainability Professionals.

Brian earned an undergraduate degree from Clark University and a dual graduate degree in Business Administration and Global Environmental Policy from American University.  He has published or co-published more than 20 articles, along with a co-authored book chapter in Sustainable Investing: Revolutions in Theory and Practice.  Brian has also authored two books entitled, one entitled REDD+ and Business Sustainability: A Guide to Reversing Deforestation for Forward Thinking Companies and the second book is called  Conservation of Tropical Rainforests: A Review of Financial and Strategic Solutions. His forthcoming book due out later this year is entitled, “Conservation of Tropical Coral Reefs: A Review of Financial and Strategic Solutions.”

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Michael Waas

Michael Waas, Global VP of Brand Partnerships, TerraCycle

Michael Waas joined TerraCycle in 2008 to support one of the company’s first national recycling partnerships, and has since played a key role in leading the expansion of TerraCycle’s Brand Partnership platform globally. Prior to joining TerraCycle, Michael earned a B.S. in Political Science, History, and Music, and a M.A. in Political Science from Central Michigan University.