Heart of Green Awards

The Hearst Corporation hosted the 2009 Heart of Green awards at its 57th street location, the first LEED Gold skyscraper to be built after 9/11. Multiple people received awards, including Deirdre Imus for her work to protect kids from toxins, Alicia Silverstone for her vegetarian lifestyle, and Frances Beinecke, leader of the NRDC for her lifetime of achievement in effective environmental policy  (they must have read my post from February 2008!).  Two other significant leaders who were honored, though not individuals, were Planet Green—my favorite channel!! (of course) — and the very City of New York, which we all love and appreciate, for its innovative strategies being implemented through PlaNYC.

None were more moving than an award accepted by Ohio teacher Greg Perry, nominated by his students, who after encouraging them to start the Ultimate Green classroom and organize a huge green expo, found out that he had cancer. I know I wasn’t the only one crying as he struggled to speak at the podium while accepting his award, and I think his passion and dedication despite his physical constraints spoke loudly through the silent room. He was the only recipient to receive a standing ovation, and well deserved. I wish him and his students all the best.

For more info on these awards and lots of other great green info, see thedailygreen.com. 

Alicia Silverstone at Heart of Green Awards
Alicia Silverstone at Heart of Green Awards
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Beth Fiteni