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Episode #29  | Air Date 12/16/2016

Darren Crouch, President & Founder, Passages International, Inc.

Darren Crouch has been published in The Director Magazine, The American Funeral Director Magazine, Funeral Business Advisor, The Cremationist and the ICCFA Magazine. He has also been quoted in both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, and has spoken at several national and international conventions including the Asia Funeral Expo, the National Funeral Directors Convention and the ICCFA Convention.

Darren holds a BSc. (Hons) degree from Manchester Metropolitan University in Manchester, England and now lives with his wife and two daughters in New Mexico: an area for its leadership in solar power, green building and design.

Mike Stura, Skylands Sanctuary

Mike Stura is a truck driver by trade and is also the founder and main animal rescuer for the Skylands Sanctuary. We spoke about why he founded his sanctuary and how he rescues animals.

Episode #28  | Air Date 11/11/2016

Patricia Shih, PhD, Undocumented

We were joined by filmmaker Patricia Shih to speak about her film, Undocumented which premiered at the Huntington Cinema Arts Centre on November 13, 2016.

From Shih: "I have been a professional creative artist since the age of 15, when I signed my first recording contract and subsequently released my first recording. Ever since then, I have made my living in the visual and performing arts. My current area of focus is in film and video, where I have been able to integrate a life's worth of multimedia creativity and storytelling experience into a wide range of projects, from music videos to documentaries.

I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Academy of Art and Lone Mountain College in San Francisco. I have taught fine art for decades on both coasts, co-hosted a twice-daily TV show in New York for a year, recorded 9 music albums and written two books about music. The honors that I have been awarded include a Woman of Distinction award, a Woman Making a Difference honor, and a Social Justice Leadership award from the Ethical Humanist Society of Long Island.”

Episode #27  | Air Date 10/18/2016

Eric Powers, Field Biologist & Director, Your Connection to Nature (YC2N)

From an interview with Tamir Elterman:
For as long as he can remember, Eric Powers loved playing with turtles, salamanders, snakes, and bugs.  Today, Powers heads and works full-time for Your Connection To Nature (YC2N), a Long Island-based company that he started in 2003 to help city dwellers appreciate and gain a deeper respect for nature. “My mission is to save the Earth by helping save plants and animals from extinction,” Powers boldly states.  “I do this through education, by showing people animals and taking them into nature.”

As a child in Greeley, CO, Powers was only allowed to keep bugs and reptiles as pets if they did not cost his parents money to maintain them.  That is when he began interacting with nature in a strong, fun, educational manner.  He remembers having to care for his fist pets, saying “it not only made me more responsible but made me learn about the ecology of the animals without even realizing it.  I had to learn exactly what it ate and go out and catch it.”

Powers, through YC2N, offers several wilderness trips, live animal shows, and many other programs in the NY area. According to his website, YC2N.com, Powers promotes reconnecting with nature because it “can teach us lessons about ourselves, our religious beliefs, and help us keep perspective in our lives.”

“I often tell people that if you take away all of nature, people die.”  Powers explains, “but if you take away all the people, nature thrives.  I think that really helps people understand my message.”

Reinhardt ("Rick") Van Dyke, Executive Director , Sustainable Long Island

Mr. Van Dyke first joined Sustainable Long Island in 1998, as part of the organization’s advisory committee. In that role, he was responsible for identifying areas of economic development and community revitalization, environmental health and justice, community health and wellness, and food access and equity issues island-wide.

Mr. Van Dyke received his BA in International Relations from Lake Forest College in Illinois and his Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan. Prior to his graduate education, Mr. Van Dyke served in the Peace Corps in Central Africa for two years. Mr. Van Dyke was previously the President and Chief Executive Officer of Family Service League of Long Island, NY. He also served as the Interim Executive Director of the Mental Health Association in Nassau County, NY and of the Chinatown Manpower Project in Chinatown, NYC. Mr. Van Dyke is an active member of and has served on the Board of Directors of several organizations, including the New York State Association of Family Service Agencies, the National Association of Social Workers, Huntington Hospital, Suffolk Community Council, the Long Island Association of Business & Industry, and the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.

Mr. Van Dyke’s professional awards include the President’s Leadership Award, National Association of Puerto Rican & Hispanic Social Workers, Executive of the Year, United Way of Long Island, 1992 & 2009, Honoree of the Year, Huntington Chamber of Commerce,Partnership Honoree, LI Business-School Partnership, Community Leader Honoree, Martin Luther King Celebration.

Episode #26  | Air Date 9/16/2016

We were joined by Enrico Nardone from Seatuck Environmental Association to talk about his work to educate families about local ecosystems, and Helen Boxwill of H2Empower about her work improving communities in Ethiopia.

Enrico Nardone, Seatuck Environmental Association

Enrico Nardone has been the Director at Seatuck Environmental Association since 2001. Prior to joining the organization he practiced environmental and land use law for a private law firm and worked as a staff attorney at the National Audubon Society.

In his career, he has also spent time at the Georgetown Environmental Law Institute and The Wilderness Society. Enrico is the author of South Bay Nature Notes, a regular column on nature and the environment published in the monthly Great South Bay Magazine. He lives in Baldwin with his wife and two daughters.

Helen Boxwill, H 2 Empower

As an educator for over 30 years on Long Island, Helen Boxwill has taught kindergarten through high school, and been a Director of Language Arts, Principal and Coordinator of a family literacy program. She is currently Executive Director of H 2 Empower, a not for profit since 2006, She spent two years as a volunteer in Ethiopia. First, in 2003-2004 Helen taught a Ministry of Education mandated licensing program to college teachers in Hosanna Teacher Training College. She worked in the Ethiopia Ministry of Education as the Early Grade Reading Consultant in 2012-2013 and helped develop a new mother tongue national syllabus and new student books, teacher guides and teacher training manuals for primary teachers in 7 mother tongue languages.

While in Ethiopia, she travelled around the country and worked with local teachers to set up a library system through the town of 150,000. This won her the Teacher of the Year Award from her sponsoring agency, International Foundation for Education and Self Help, and a grant from the US Embassy in Ethiopia to help build a community library.   Since 2005 she spearheaded a campaign to send books to various schools in Ethiopia and so far 90,000 books have been sent to 5 teacher training colleges, almost 60 schools, two town libraries, 2 universities, and a hospital library. She has developed a permagarden program, brought water to schools and their neighboring community, and built classrooms in public schools. Helen also has been training teachers and school librarians in Ethiopia. In Burundi, Central Africa, she organized support for micro-loan and literacy projects for needy women and sponsorship of vulnerable students to attend the local universities. Yearly Helen leads a tour of Ethiopia to explore the culture and history and volunteer in schools. Her goal is to connect people and institutions to make a difference in peoples lives.

Episode #25  | Air Date 8/12/2016

We welcomed Bob DeLuca, President and CEO of the Group for the East End to the Green and Out Radio Show! He discussed what his group does and what they are currently working on in eastern Long Island.

Bob DeLuca, President & CEO, Group for the East End

Robert S. DeLuca has served as President and CEO of Group for the East End since 1992. He holds a B.S. in Environmental Science from Fordham University and an M.S. in Environmental Science from the State University of New York’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse. Prior to joining the Group, Bob worked as both a Biologist and Senior Environmental Analyst with the Suffolk County Office of Ecology and taught environmental advocacy and policy as an adjunct professor for Long Island University, Southampton, for over 15 years. Bob began his career with the Group in the mid-1980s as an Environmental Analyst. In this role, Bob developed the Group’s first environmental outings and community education programs.

We also welcomed Mike Bottini:

Mike Bottini, Wildlife Biologist

Mike Bottini is a wildlife biologist, outdoor educator, nature writer and Captain of East Hampton Village’s ocean lifeguards.

After completing graduate studies in wildlife conservation at the University of British Columbia, Mike worked for fourteen years at the Group for the South Fork, a non-profit environmental advocacy organization. He has taught field ecology, environmental science, and natural history courses at St. Lawrence University, Southampton College, and CUNY, has published three books (Exploring East End Waters: A Natural History and Paddling Guide, Trail Guide to the South Fork, and The Walking Dunes: East Hampton’s Hidden Treasure), and writes a weekly “South Fork Outdoors” column in the East Hampton and Southampton Press.

Mike's wildlife research studies have included elk, spotted and tiger salamanders, spotted turtles, piping plovers, and river otters. He continues to introduce people to the outdoors through his field naturalist classes, nature walks, and paddling trips on Long Island.

Episode #24  | Air Date 6/10/2016

Bobbi Chase Wilding, Clean and Healthy New York

We heard about current changes in environmental health laws from Bobbi Chase Wilding, who is a leader of Clean and Healthy New York, Inc. (CHNY). CHNY advances broad policy and market changes to promote safer chemicals, a sustainable economy, and a healthier world. They provide crucial advocacy, education and research in service of chemical policy and market reform.  CHNY has achieved policy wins and market shifts through their in-state collaborative, the JustGreen Partnership, which is now the formidable voice on environmental health in the NY Capital.

Marisol Maddox, Permaculturalist

We heard about Permaculture Design from Marisol Maddox, who is a permaculture practitioner and strategist from Huntington, NY.

Marisol joined Green Inside and Out as a Program Assistant in January 2016. She received her B.A. in Environmental Studies with a specialization in ecosystems and ecological relationshipsfrom Binghamton University. She has earned certificates inPermaculture Design, as well as in Clinical Meditation & Imagery. Marisol also works as a veterinary assistant at Harborside Veterinary Hospital and as the administrative assistant for the Huntington Meditation & Imagery Center.

She is currently studying the intersections of permaculture design with climate change adaptation & mitigation, place-based resilience, and transnational security. She can be contacted via her website.

Episode #23  | Air Date 6/21/2016

Helen Melissakis, MCSFriends.org

Topic: Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

Helen Melissakis was an independent freelance artist and Art Director for Mira Production’s “Destination Unknown.” Around the same time she was attending classes at The Fashion Institute of Technology, as well as doing properties and set decorating for theatres.

All that changed when she suffered an acute porphyria attack having undiagnosed HCP Poryphria. Soon afterward, she developed in rapid succession Severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, (MCS), Fibromyalgia and debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, (CFS). She became bed ridden, with cognitive and neurological impairment. Despite moving to Long Island for better outdoor air quality, Helen still struggles with complex health and housing issues. In spite of these challenges she continues her commitment to community service volunteering with MCSFriends.org, an online nonprofit helping those with information and support and has authored two pieces on safer housing for people with MCS.

Paul Maurer, MCSFriends.org

Topic: Housing with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

Thriving at college in 1980, Paul was struck down with flu-like symptoms never seemed to go away. After 12 years struggling with indescribable fatigue, debilitating allergies and brain fog that stole his short-term memory; he suddenly recognized himself in current books on Chronic Fatigue - and his symptoms exactly matched others with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS).

Cleaning up his environment and diet had almost instant results. Within 6 months Paul launched into the successful Engineering career he long dreamed about. But over the years, the “ordinary” toxic exposures that permeate our society eroded his health until he could no longer function in 90 percent of ALL buildings, including his own apartment.

Fifteen years later, Paul is still treading water in a barely sustainable living situation. Sadly, his plight is not unique. The daily struggle to maintain “safe housing” is by far the top concern among those trying to recover from the illnesses that cause Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

Episode #22  | Air Date 4/15/2016

Jasmin Malik Chua, Ecouterre

A 20-year veteran of the publishing industry, Jasmin Malik Chua joined Ecouterre as managing editor after a stint at TreeHugger writing about sustainable fashion and beauty. She has an M.S. in biomedical journalism from New York University, where she was a founding fellow of the literary reportage program, and a B.S. in animal biology from the National University of Singapore.

In addition to stories published in online and print publications like Inhabitat, LiveScience, Newsarama, and The Huffington Post. Jasmin has been quoted as a green expert by such publications and outlets as The New York Times, BBC Radio, BusinessWeek, and Newsweek.

Episode #21  | Air Date 2/12/2016

Mary Finelli, Fish Feel

This show featured Mary Finelli from Fish Feel in Maryland, which advocates for sea life and against overfishing.

Rob DiGiovanni, Jr., Executive Director / Senior Biologist, Riverhead Foundation 

Our second guest is Rob DiGiovanni, Jr., Executive Director/ Senior Biologist of the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation in Riverhead, NY who talked about his organization’s work to rehabilitate marine animals and what the public can do to help.

Episode #20  | Air Date 1/8/2016

Paul Cataldo, US Green Building Council

Paul Cataldo is one of the founding members of the US Green Building Council- Long Island, has chaired the Advocacy Committees and continues to chair the Green Schools Committee for the chapter.

Victor DaCosta, US Green Building Council

Victor DaCosta is Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors and liaison to the Programs Committee for the USGBC Long Island chapter. Learn about what the local chapter is doing, and LEED building here on Long Island.