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The Green Inside and Out podcast features environmental health issues and ways you can make sustainable lifestyle choices that help reduce your impacts. It highlights the positive work of local, state and national organizations implementing solutions you can engage in -- Learn from experts about the latest in organic food and gardening, reducing plastics, being vegan, eco-fashion, electric vehicles, green products, clean energy, and more.

Based out of Long Island, NY and hosted by Green Inside and Out Director Beth Fiteni, MSEL (Masters of Science in Environmental Law).

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Sr. Jeanne Clark, Homecoming Farm

Sr. Jeanne Clark, a Sister of St. Dominic from Amityville, NY, is the founder of Homecoming Farm, a community supported agricultural project (CSA) which helps humans to heal through the nurturance of soil and seed and producing vegetables without the use of chemicals. Homecoming offers programs for children and adults in understanding themselves as part of Earth and as intricately connected to the land they call home.

Sister Jeanne has been a teacher for over forty years, has been a campus minister, a pastoral associate in parishes and a long-time activist in both anti-nuclear, anti-war and environmental causes. She attributes her coming home to the land to the Salvadoran people whom she accompanied to El Salvador during the war there in the 1980’s.In  2005 Jeanne was awarded the Peacemaker of the Year award by Pax Christi Long Island.

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