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Featuring environmental health issues and ways you can make sustainable lifestyle choices that help reduce your impacts, the Green Inside and Out podcast highlights the positive work of local, state and national organizations implementing solutions you can engage in -- Learn from experts about the latest in organic food and gardening, reducing plastics, being vegan, eco-fashion, electric vehicles, green products, clean energy, and more.

Based out of Long Island, NY and hosted by Green Inside and Out Director Beth Fiteni, MSEL (Masters of Science in Environmental Law).

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Cover of Reducing Textile Waste on Long Island

As many people are starting to minimizing food waste or avoid plastics, another way we can each make a difference is by not throwing usable clothing into the garbage.

Did you know?

  • Nationally, 17 million tons (~85%) of textiles are sent to U.S. landfills or incinerators every year, or around 8% of our trash.
  • In New York alone, residents and businesses toss 1.4 billion pounds of usable and recyclable textiles in the garbage.
  • Globally, the fashion industry generates 10% of greenhouse gases.

"Reducing Textile Waste on Long Island" will help you make the best use of unwanted clothing and find out where our donated clothes actually go.