Legislation We Support

The Just Green Partnership

As a member of the JustGreen Partnership, a statewide coalition working to reduce New York consumers’ exposure to toxins in common products, Green Inside and Out supports:

Ingredient Disclosure

Children’s Products
  • Identify chemicals of concern for human health, and require children’s product manufacturers to disclose the presence of these chemicals while phasing them out and replacing them with safer alternatives.

    S.501B/A. 6296A (Englebright) - The Child Safe Products Act passed both houses and awaits the Governor’s signature

Personal Care Products
  • Require the personal care industry to disclose the ingredients in their products and their potential health and environmental hazards, to ensure the safety of New Yorkers who use these products every day and to drive safer alternatives.

    S. 6077 (Rivera)/ Pending in Assembly

Period Products
  • Require disclosure of ingredients in menstrual products sold in New York to protect the health of people who use them, while prompting product redesign.

    S. 2387 (Persaud)/A.164 (Rosenthal) - Passed the Senate

Taking Action on Known Hazards

Flame Retardant Chemicals in Everyday Products
  • Restrict toxic flame retardant chemicals in mattresses, furniture, electronics and children’s products. Flame retardants have been identified as carcinogens, reproductive toxicants, endocrine disruptors and developmental neurotoxicants.

PFAS in Firefighting Foam and Food Service Ware
  • Restrict PFAS in firefighting foam and food service ware to protect the health of families, workers, fire fighters, and the environment. PFAS chemicals do not break down easily and have a known history of contaminating New York’s water supplies.
    S.439 (Hoylman) /A.445 (Steck) (firefighting foam) - Vote pending in full Senate

    S. 2000 (Hoylman)/A.4739 (Fahy) (food service ware)

Close the Hazardous Waste Loophole
  • Protect public health by redefining “hazardous waste” to end the special exemption allowing the oil and natural gas industry to avoid proper disposal of hazardous waste. S.3392 (May)/A.2655 (Englebright)

Lead Legacy
Reduce Pediatric Blood Lead Action Level

Require lead exposure intervention for young children to reduce the adverse developmental health effects of lead on pediatric health in New York. Lower the action levels by half, from ten to five micrograms per deciliter of blood. This will align New York State with the policy of the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention, and match any subsequent decrease in the CDC definition of elevated blood lead. Secured in Executive Budget: Part P of Article VII Legislation on Health and Mental Hygiene.

Funding for Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting  

Increase the State’s investment in remediating housing stock with lead paint throughout the state, prioritizing residences with pregnant women and children. Commit to lead-free housing in New York State by a date certain.

Lead in School Drinking Water

Set new action levels for lead in tap water at schools, with required testing. Where lead concentration exceeds the new action level, create and implement an action plan to supply staff and students with safe drinking water.

Green Chemistry
Codify Green Procurement Executive Order #4 and Expand to Include Public Schools

Establish in law environmentally based criteria for the purchasing programs of state and public agencies. Businesses that meet these criteria gain competitive advantages when making agreements with the State, and New York uses the purchasing power of our procurement budget to encourage environmentally sound practices. Expand the executive order to include the purchasing programs of schools.

Green Chemistry Executive Order

Modeled after those already adopted in other states, such as Oregon and Michigan.

 Government Support for Green Innovation

Including grants, awards, recognition and other incentives to promote safe materials design and production.