A Different Take on the Oscars

Every year when I watch the Oscars or the Grammys I wonder why such an extravagant affair is only bestowed upon those who make films or music. Why isn’t there such an event that honors the best environmentalists who are actually making the world a better place? Perhaps the Nobel Peace Prize is the closet thing, for people who have contributed greatly to the advancement of humanity, but why then isn’t there a red carpet and “after party” for that? I would love to see Al Gore, or the executive directors of the world’s leading environmental groups like NRDC or Greenpeace be given the same honor and recognition that those who act in films or sing for us receive. In the grand scheme of things, isn’t it somewhat more important that those people who work to implement better policy to protect human health and stop global warming do their job well, than whether or not someone can act or sing well? I guess maybe these unsung heroes don’t have the glamorous gowns and stylists, so it’s just human nature that they don’t share the same intrigue for most of us. Well, if the Academy was made up of the wildlife, glaciers, and trees, I’m sure their hats would be off to those who play the daily role of speaking for them where they can’t speak for themselves — Beth

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Beth Fiteni