GreenFestival NYC 2016

This year’s Earth Day Greenfestival at the Javits Center was informative and inspiring as it always is. It is an annual expo of green product innovators, natural body care products, green gadgets, healthy food, eco-clothing, and sustainability organizations. It was co-sponsored by Green America and the film Cowspiracy, which is an exposé of how the meat industry impacts the environment.

I always like to mention my favorite finds, and this year one of them is from Long Island:

SOS Natural Products is a Bay-Shore based company that makes natural mosquito repellent products, that includes a key ingredient—lemon eucalyptus. This has been found by the Center for Disease Control to be effective at repelling mosquitoes, an important thing to have on those balmy summer evenings.

SOS Mosquito product

A second favorite was Mariclaro, a Canadian company who makes upcycled briefcases, wallets and accessories for men from high end car parts such as Mercedes and Cadillac. They literally go to the landfills and pull out the usable seat belts, leather, etc. and hand-make impressively chic, stylish products.

Mariclaro Upcycled Seatbelt wallets and purses

A final mention goes to the Unitensil for clever design. It is a re-usable “spork/knife” that folds up and can fit in your pocket for anytime you are eating take-out to avoid the need for disposable plastic-ware.


There are Greenfestivals around the country each spring; see

Beth Fiteni