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Last time, I was excited to report about some earth-friendly products I found at Target. Now I have an equally exciting find in Staples, the office megastore: Scotch tape made from recycled plastic! This is so cool, and makes perfect sense- why use brand new plastic for something that most likely will just be thrown out or stick behind a picture? (Cost= $3).

Also found scissors by Westcott with handles made from 70% recycled plastic (Cost=$7), AND “Ecolutions” white out, by Bic, that is water based as opposed to solvent based. This means lower VOCs- volatile organic compounds, and therefore lower odor than regular correction fluid. (Cost = $4 for 2; See biecolutions.com).

Pretty exciting to see these products available at all, but especially in such a large office supply chain! Though it may cost a bit more, if we can afford it, it is worth paying slightly extra to support efforts companies are making to reduce our overall impact on the planet.

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Beth Fiteni