Thumbs Up on Permaculture Film “Inhabit”

The film “Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective” (2015) directed by Costa Boutsikaris is an inspiring overview of the concept of permaculture which is deliberate design process that utilizes a set of principles to focus go beyond sustainability and work towards regeneration. As shared by experts across the U.S., some topics discussed in the film were resilience planning, composting toilets, rain gardens, no-till farming, and how there should be no such thing as waste. One interesting example was Michael Phillips’ holistic orchard where he forgoes pesticides in favor or a fermented microbial spray, with impressive yields. Instead of domination of nature, these efforts were described as orchestration, and “a symphony that comes together, and we just assemble the pieces.” Similarly, there was the example of Wellspring Forest Farm, a commercial mushroom operation that was functioning outdoors in a natural environment, rather than indoors as commercial mushrooms are typically produced. Charles Eisenstein, the author of Sacred Economics, was quoted as saying “the best business decision should be the best ecological decision.” For more on the film, see

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