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Mat by Jade Yoga, block by Gaiam
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If you’re practicing yoga, congratulations- you’re doing something great for your body and spirit. But is there a way to make it great for the earth too? Yes! Here are 3 ways to make your practice greener.

  • First, check into your yoga mat and see what it’s made of. It may be made with PVC (polyvynil chloride) plastic. However, the good news is that there are biodegradable mats made with natural latex, which is tapped from rubber trees. See and
  • Foam yoga blocks are likely made from plastic (often ethylene-vinyl acetate or EVA). Remember that anything plastic will not break down in the environment for hundreds of years. Look for wood blocks, or these cork blocks from greener (Gaiam also sells recycled plastic foam blocks.)
  • Finally, wear your inner bliss on the outside with organic cotton or bamboo yoga clothing which can be found from numerous retailers. I’ve even found a strap made of organic cotton!

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  1. I’m starting yoga as an accompaniment to my meditation and I’ve already seen an incredible array of outlets providing 100% sustainable bamboo yoga clothing. 🙂 I intend to make sure the mat I buy is durable and approved by mother nature.