Electric Vehicles in Malta

My dad’s family came from the small mediterranean island of Malta. In my recent visit, I was happy to see the progress being made on introducing public electric vehicle infrastructure to the Island. In several locations I found a charging station you pay for with an RFID (radio frequency ID) card, and an accompanying dedicated parking spot, sponsored by several agencies including the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure. One was in the hip town of Sliema, one was near the Gozo ferry terminal, and one was next to the old church of Mellieha, a nice combination of old and new. I know several Long Island towns are waiting for funding to make similar installations here.
In both Italy and Malta, I saw small, economical car models made by companies including Chevrolet and Toyota that they do not offer for sale in the U.S. Hmm. I wonder why?…. I recently read that SUV sales went up in the U.S. due to short term low oil prices. I hope the U.S. market eventually catches on that oil prices are on a general trend upward. Electric, though currently produced mostly with fossil fuels, is also being produced by renewables feeding into the grid and directly at carports which will help save money and the environment in the long run.

Circewwa, Malta, with beautiful Ta' Cenc cliffs in background
Circewwa, Malta, with beautiful Ta’ Cenc cliffs in background

Beth Fiteni