New Year’s Resolution: Make Your Keurig Coffee Better for the Earth

Terrace Cafe Biodegradable Kcups
Terrace Cafe Biodegradable Kcups

I just found a great new innovative product that can help you meet your new year’s resolution to be more green. Keurig coffee makers are convenient and offer a selection of individual coffees, teas and cocoa. However, a “side effect” of these machines is that millions of plastic coffee pods or “K-Cups” become waste in landfills or incinerators. Also the plastic used is often #7, which can be different types of plastic, some of which may contain the hormone disruptor Bisphenol A (BPA).

So to my pleasant surprise I just encountered an eco-friendly version of the Kcup, called Terrace Café Cups, made by a local New York company. It uses only a ring of plastic with a biodegradable filter.

Another alternative is to have a fully biodegradable pod, much like a tea bag, that you use with a washable pod holster that you use each time. These are made by several companies including New Hampshire Roasting Company.

Fill your cup with an organically grown beverage, and you are well on your way to being greener in 2014!

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Beth Fiteni

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  1. I had No idea about these! There I a Lot of objection to Keurig’s use of plastic Kcups – Terrace Café & NH Brewing Co have to get the word out!