NYC Green City Challenge 2011

On October 23, 2011 the NYC Green City Challenge was held where people rode bikes around the city to visit some of the city’s “green highlights.” Winners received beautiful awards and a bag of green goodies. The challenge ended at Union Square, where I was invited to speak about how to reduce toxins in order to look beautiful and feel great, and also about how to have an ethical diet that doesn’t harm the planet. Many companies sponsored the event and offered exhibit booths at Union Square, including NYSERDA and Raw Food DVDs. I always learn something new: there is a company here on Long Island called Ciao water that sells bottled water in biodegradable plastic bottles. The plastic is infused with natural enzymes that will break the bottle down in about 5 years time. Other exhibitors included: Enagage Green, which offers eco-friendly bags, Green Apple Cleaners, Brooklyn Greenroof, Tri-State Biodiesel, and Ethicus, a website compiling all things green in NYC. See

Tri- State Biodiesel
Green Apple Cleaners
Ciao water
Engage Green


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