Be Social Change Holds Series on the Future of Fashion

Paper No. 9The final of a series of 3 gatherings on how to create a sustainable clothing future, the group Be Social Change sponsored a packed July lecture at Wix Lounge in NYC on future trends in fashion production. The panel of experts, moderated by Summer Rayne Oakes, author of “Style, Naturally,” focused on new people breaking into the business and how it can be difficult to do everything they’d like to do to be sustainable when first starting a business – but with a continued ethic, fashion companies can build up to include more green measures over time. They discussed product durability as a factor in sustainability, customization & 3D printing of clothing, banding together with like-minded others to reach target markets instead of competing, and standards for determining product sustainability levels. A very interesting textile featured was made from processed recycled paper. See Paper No. 9.

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Beth Fiteni