“Eco Ego” Shop in Copenhagen

While in Copenhagen recently, aside from seeing the wind turbines, I searched out and found this wonderful store called EcoEgo. It sells a multiplicity of eco-friendly products, many of which are from the States. The owner took the time to show me a lot of cool items, and he happened to be originally from NJ! Lucky for Denmark, he decided to move there after marrying a Danish girl, and his store now features eco-friendly clothing, cleaners, gadgets, kitchenware, shoes, baby supplies, and more, all of which are thoroughly screened and many are Fair-Trade. I of course ended up buying a pair of organic cotton leggings made by a label I hadn’t heard of before called People Tree. He also showed me two kinds of candles made of sustainable palm oil and recycled canola oil from potato chip fryers. Great stuff– When in Copenhagen, do stop by! Near the Norreport Metro Station. http://ecoego.dk/

Beth Fiteni

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  1. Hi Beth! Thanks for kind words about our store. It was great meeting you also, and hearing about your work. It’s nice to meet inspiring people like you who are working for the same cause!

    Best wishes and green regards,

  2. Sorry- Just saw this note now- yes please do stay in touch, and let m e know if you ever find useful info on ecofashion!- Beth