Recycle Your Old Sneakers

running shoe

When your sneakers are too worn out to donate, recycle them. Since the 1990s Nike has had a Better World – Reuse A Shoe program through which they accept any kind of athletic shoes, including other brands. They grind up the materials to be used for flooring and even zippers. According to their website, 28 million sneakers have gone through the shredders, one of them located in Tennessee. Flooring for tennis & basketball courts, running tracks and playground surfaces made with “Nike Grind” now cover about 632,000,000 square feet – nearly enough to cover Manhattan. You can drop of your old shoes on Long Island at:

  • The Nike Store at the Tanger Outlets in Deer Park or Riverhead
  • The Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City
  • Nike Store in Oceanside on Long Beach Rd.

For other locations around the U.S. see :

Note* Nike is one of the largest global users of organic cotton, but has been criticized for using sweatshop labor. Consumer pressure will help them continue in the right direction.

Beth Fiteni