T.H.R.E.A.D.S. Eco-Fashion show

T.H.R.E.A.D.S. – an impressive eco-fashion show coordinated by Bianca and Michael Alexander of Conscious Living TV, Chicago, was held at the Green Festival for Earth Day in NYC. The show highlighted 5 local designers and was attended by over 100 eager attendees of a “green” ilk.

Eco-textile pioneer Marci Zaroff (l), organizers Michael & Bianca Alexander (center), and Marci's Partner after show

First designer up was Artists and Revolutionaries, a sporty, fun line that uses repurposed leather, cashmere, and organic cottons. (artistsandrevolutionaries.com).

Artists & Revolutionaries

Second was Heart- a beautiful line that incorporate the use of original artistic photography imprinted onto gorgeous girly dresses. (Heartisart.com)




Third designer was Vaute Couture a vegan fashion line featuring a lot of unique, edgy denim pieces, with its first store now open in Brooklyn. (Vautecouture.com)

Vaute Couture



Fourth in line, was A.D.O., which uses GOTS (global organic trade standard) certified fabric in a rich orange hue created by chemical-free herbal dyes. (adoclothing)




Last but not least was and very impressive with its sleekly feminine, sophisticated style was Allison Parris New York, who truly keeps it local by making pieces of recycled fabrics in factories right here in Manhattan. (AllisonParris.com)

Allison Parris New York








Footwear for the show was provided Cri De Coeur (cri-de-coeur.com), an ethically produced vegan shoe company.

Green Festival was a terrific showcase for eco-fashion, featuring about a dozen vendors of sustainable, clothing made of organic cotton, hemp, and recycled materials. Several lectures were offered by experts in the field: sustainable fashion and fragrance classes being offered by professors at the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) in Manhattan, a lecture on the importance of fair trade clothing focused on decent working conditions, and also a lecture on hemp fashion which included a small fashion show of designers making beautiful and stylish creations from hemp and hemp/silk fabric blends.

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  1. Awesome post! There were some great sustainable designers at that event. I profiled Allison on my sustainable fashion blog last year and have another post coming up on her new spring collection which is really fabulous. Also bought that second A.D.O. dress at a pop-up shop for fashion’s night out! So funny. I love how classic it is, it won’t go out of style for a while which I consider another facet of sustainability in fashion. Anyway, always great to see some eco fashion love from the green/eco blogging community! Rock on. – Ariel